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What is the role of the Doula?

What is the role of the Doula?

What is the role of the Doula?

The role of the birth doula is to support a mother, her partner and family during pregnancy, labour, birth and provide support during the post-natal period. In cultures and throughout history, women have been supported by other women, during their journey into motherhood.

In supporting the mother emotionally, physically and spiritually, the doula can assist the mother in feeling safe, heard and comfortable when she is at her most vulnerable.

In meeting with the mother prenatally, forming a bond and building a warm trusting relationship, plus being present for labour and birth and assisting her postnatally, this continuity of care can have endless positive results for mother and baby immediately after birth and into their lives together.

Not everyone has a dependable support person, family member or biological mother who can be there during this time.

The role of the doula is to mother the mother in the most nurturing and supportive way possible.

Photograph by: Documenting Motherhood.