Baby Archie – Wodonga.

Baby Archie – Wodonga.

Congratulations to this beautiful family on the arrival of their baby boy Archie, born December 2020.

“My birth was empowering – a space that was filled with a beautiful energy and supportive people who all shared the same views of a birth that my partner and I chose to have. 

Lou made me feel not just heard but inspired, in every aspect of my pregnancy, birth and post natal care.”

The little people attending birth need love and support too. I’m passionate about this aspect of doula work. Holding space for the little people as they become big people, the big sister in this case. Part of my doula role at this birth was supporting Lexie; preparing food, watching TV on the couch, drawing, washing dishes together, reading books and tucking her into bed. We also spent time outside on the swing, singing frozen 2 at the top of our lungs. This time together was so precious. Mothering her while her Mother was bringing her sibling into the world was so important.

We had so many chats, at one point Lexie and I sat in a doorway watching Mum labour. As the waves intensified, the energy and sounds were confronting and new for Lexie. “Mummy’s working hard.” Lexie said with tears in her eyes. “Yes, Mummy’s working really hard. She’s so strong and powerful!” I said.

What a gift for this little person to have birth normalised and what an honour to support this very special Mama and her family.

Photography: Earthside by Captivated.

Doula Lou – Albury Wodonga.