Our experience with Doula Lou – Wodonga.

Our experience with Doula Lou – Wodonga.

“Within the hours birthing our baby girl was like living a lifetime. All of who I was and all of who I was going to become, was present. Every emotion, thought and sensation smacking me awake to the delight and disaster within me. An unfolding of love and everything that gets in its way. 

I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I wanted doula support and so I reached out to Lou at 5 weeks pregnant. From the beginning Lou held such a sacred and safe space for me and my husband to explore all the possibilities for our journey through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Working with Lou felt like we always had someone in our corner, cheering us on, providing information and asking us the important questions, which would prepare us for our journey. Lou’s capacity to be respectful, listen and hear what we wanted was phenomenal and the continuity of care that Lou provided for our family, during the trying times of COVID, was crucial for us to achieve our outcomes. Lou was made for Doula work, her caring and compassionate nature, her passion to provide real and unwavering support for women in this space and her capacity to be truly present was and is inspiring. Lou has been such a huge part of our journey, we are so grateful to have chosen her as our Doula and we love her dearly.  

There are many highlights of our experience of working with Lou. My Mother’s Blessing Ceremony, which Lou facilitated, was so honouring and beautiful. Also, the many wonderful self-care treats that she provided me throughout my pregnancy and post partum journey, felt extremely nurturing. However for us, the thing we feel most grateful for, is her ability to hold a space for us to show up, however we needed to, throughout our journey. We felt so lovingly held by her.  

I would recommend hiring Lou if you truly want to feel held, supported, and nurtured throughout your pregnancy, birth, and post partum journey. Lou’s capacity to be present is so honouring. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having their first child, as she is a wealth of information and able to really assist in gaining clarity about what you really want.” – Tamara.

Photography by Doula Lou.

“Lou was really helpful as a resource throughout our journey and really assisted my wife to navigate her birth experience. She was there for us through some very challenging times. She also educated me on all things pregnancy and birth and assisted me in supporting my wife, which was helpful as a first time Dad. I would recommend Lou and engaging with a Doula for anyone going through this process. We are so thankful for her support.” – Jonny.

Doula Lou – Albury Wodonga.