The calling for me to become a doula was loud and clear. I’m so deeply happy and humbled to be holding space for women during this transformative time.

Doula support begins in pregnancy, is present during labour and birth and continues into the postnatal period. Through my training as a birth doula, I’ve learnt how to best support women, their partner and family throughout their journey.

With continued support, women can access their most powerful and resilient selves. They can then create the most satisfying, positive experience for the birth of their baby and beyond. 

By choosing a doula and having a trusted team supporting the Mother, this continuity of care can have endless positive results for her and her baby, which will be immediately present after birth and continue into their lives together.

Throughout my life, people have come to me for support and placed their trust in me during challenging times. I would describe myself as warm, social and emotionally sensitive and I have good sense of humor. I have been pregnant four times, experienced two pregnancy losses and given birth to my two pre-school aged Children. I approached their births with curiosity and excitement.

As your doula, I promise to openly listen without judgment, be present and support your choices. I take on the role of doula with pride and joy and I am honored to be invited into your life at this very special time. 

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Doula Lou – Birth Doula, Albury Wodonga.