Birth doula - Albury Wodonga and surrounds.

I am passionate about supporting families as they welcome their babies earthside. Being invited to join them on their journey is the biggest honour. Here’s what some families have recently said after working with me as their doula…

“Lou, I’d hire you to be my doula 100 x over in a heartbeat and will wholeheartedly recommend you to any other birthing Mumma’s out there. You rock!

Thank you for helping me bring my little boy safely into the world, it was an honour having you there.” Sarah.

“The labour and birth of my baby was blissful, magical and positively life changing. The whole experience of becoming a Mum was everything I’d hoped for, planned for and more. 

I was able to achieve the birth I wanted as I felt so incredibly supported by my team. Lou specifically believed in me from the moment we met and having her there by my side, encouraging me, made my birth possible.

I loved discussing all things pregnancy, birth and newborns with Lou, she also regularly touched base with me in-between our visits which I really appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed her company and benefited in many ways from the continuity of care.

Her endless, encouraging and soul enriching support, gave me the confidence in myself to know that I was on the right track.” Jessica.

“Thank you so much for your care and support as my Doula Louise. I first made contact at about 20 weeks pregnant and since then you’ve been tremendously helpful, non-judgmental and supportive. Always a person I could talk to and learn from. You helped me feel confident in my decision to have a c-section and helped me prepare by discussing and overcoming my fears.

You supported me in hospital and were present when I saw the lactation consultant. I found it helpful having you there to remind me what she said when it felt like information overload.

It was great to have the practical assistance of the home visits you offered. It was great that you came over and did some cooking, cleaning and take care of baby while I showered. Your support was essential, so helpful and just what I needed. Thank you so much!”
– Holly.

“Louise, our amazing Doula… Thank you so much for your kindness, knowledge and wisdom.

Midwives change shift, they come and go because they are providing medical care to a number of patients. Your peaceful, continuous support in the birthing suite is something I will be forever grateful for. You guided me on how to be the most supportive partner I could be and you were an excellent source of comfort and reassurance to my incredible wife.

You were the perfect person to help provide us with knowledge and support throughout the various stages of pregnancy, labour and post-natally.

Even though our baby arrived early, the birth was amazingly fluid and we were as prepared as possible, thanks to you and your support. Thank you!” Craig.

“Lou is fantastic. From the very start, she eased our minds and made our lives easier.

During our prenatal visits, she helped to dispel a number of myths around labour and birth and shared her knowledge. Lou worked on a birth plan with us and provided the framework for me to create the birth I wanted.

Lou is extremely respectful, non-judgmental and very, very, supportive.” Happy new Mum and Dad.