Chantel’s HBAC

Chantel’s HBAC

My homebirth after Caesarean (HBAC) was so healing, it felt like the way it should’ve been the first time and I felt powerful and liberated. I feel so proud. 

I’m so grateful for the women that held space for us. The connections we made with Doula Lou, Midwives Claire and Louise, will stick with me and my partner, for the rest of our lives. The love, support and belief in me and my abilities in the room when I gave birth I will never, never forget and I will always be thankful for. (Pushing my baby out in my lounge room was another highlight!) 

Working with Lou has been one of the absolute highlights of this entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She has the most beautiful, caring and gentle soul. Having her there during my prodromal labor was life-saving, it was such a struggle and I wouldn’t have gotten through it without Lou and Claire. She made the entire experience so unforgettable. The moment Lou came to us on the morning of our (proper) labor, it was just a huge relief to have her there. She held so much space for both Dean and I in the entire process, helped us work through our fears, existing beliefs that were not serving us and reassured us at every point both that Dean and I were the best team and I could birth our baby the way I wanted. I would like to have Lou in my pocket for the rest of my life to be honest!!! 

Every single woman should hire a Doula. First time Mum, fourth time Mum, Mum after loss, VBAC Mum’s, even C-section Mum’s. The array of feelings having Lou accompanying your birth you will forever be thankful you gave yourself. I would call it selfcare before anything!! Lou’s support is empowering, loving and a non-negotiable. 

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