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Birth Story – first time Mum.

Birth Story – first time Mum.

Right from our first catch up, Jess knew the birth she wanted. She was positive, confident, well informed and was gathering a team for her drug free and intervention free birth. She trusted her body and… She made it happen.

When her contractions started she said to me “Bring it on!” She was so ready.

Jess laboured at home for 14 hours “like a trooper”, as her husband described it. Our plan was to meet at the hospital. Every time I checked in throughout the day, they let me know that everyone was managing well.

Then I got the call to meet them. When I arrived, Jess was in the middle of an intense contraction. The energy was flowing, the lights were low and they had great tunes playing. Good vibes only at this birth.

Everything about the next hour was pure magic. In awe of her power and strength, I watched her every breath, supporting, holding her steady as the waves intensified.

I asked Jess at our postnatal visit, when you were in 2nd stage, were you scared? “Not at all.” I asked her that because what I witnessed was pure fearlessness. Birthing her baby from a place of trust, belief in herself and her body.

Then baby was here. I’m still processing the minutes after he was born… The rush of love, oxytocin, relief and wonder that filled the room was palpable. So much love.

Welcome earthside baby Hunter. Thank you for having me at your awesome birthday! Your Mum and Dad rock.